Photonic ultrafast systems (PULSE) group is led by Prof. Dr. Bojan Resan

Prof. Dr. Bojan Resan
Professor of Laser Technologies
Klosterzelgstrasse 2, CH-5210 Windisch
Email: bojan[point]resan[at]fhnw[point]ch
Phone: +41 56 202 85 92

The PULSE group is at the Institute of Product and Production Engineering, School of Engineering, University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland, in campus Brugg/Windisch, half an hour west from Zurich.

We are developing ultrafast lasers and photonic systems for applications in biomedicine, micro-material processing and optical communications. By deploying our application-driven custom-tailored ultrafast lasers, we advance the application performance and potential, due to optimized lasers’ features, which are not commercially available.

Example of a custom-made prototype laser as a comb source – blue diode pumped Ti:Sa laser generating modelocked 0.2 nm broad spectra fine-tuned exactly at 780 nm, with 190 MHz pulse repetition rate.

The PULSE Group in the laser lab on 19.6.2023


Dr. Manuel Zeyen, Senior scientist

Daniel Hug, PhD Student

Karlo Lajtner, Scientific assistant/MSE student

Tobias Grätzer, Scientific assistant/MSE student

Valentin Leuthard, Scientific assistant/MSE student


Gregory Zaugg (MS 2024)

Roger Wüst (MSE 2022), currently development engineer at Hexagon

Romain Carreto (MSE 2020), currently development engineer at TLD Photonics AG